SAP Ariba SNAP! in 12 weeks

Operational Procurement with SAP Ariba SNAP! is easier than ever before. With SAP Ariba SNAP! you benefit from a user friendly P2P solution containing smart innovations which will ensure customer satisfaction. It is an end-to-end P2P offering that comes with standard out-of-the-box content and best-practices, enabling a fast implementation. Our approach will deliver value immediately and is specifically aimed at medium and large enterprises.

The shopping experience with guided buying from SAP Ariba is as simple as purchasing something on from your favorite web shop. The online shopping experience of this solution guides users to the preferred suppliers and their products. Your procurement guidelines are automatically followed by your employees. Negotiated savings become actual savings and your Spend Under Management increases.

An important element in the SNAP! package is the simple solution for supplier enablement. Supplier enablement is the process of electronically connecting suppliers to your business in order to digitally exchange business documents such as purchase orders and invoices. What if Accounts Payable can be 3 to 5 times more efficient by ‘touchless invoicing’?

We offer frictionless supplier enablement with an e-mail based process for purchase orders and invoices. A supplier can register for free and you can start exchanging documents digitally via the SAP Ariba Network. All the supplier needs is an e-mail address and they can start receiving your PO’s per e-mail. In the e-mail the supplier can click on a button and logs on to the Ariba Network. Using an easy-to-use portal they can track their PO’s, create order confirmations, ship notices and ‘flip’ the PO into an invoice – following your requirements. This is all free of charge to your suppliers.

With this SAP Ariba SNAP! offering you will benefit from a solution that is partly preconfigured based on templates and best-practices. To summarize:

  • SAP Ariba Guided Buying with pre-configured spend categories
  • Access to vetted suppliers on day 1
  • More than 6 million products available straight away from top suppliers using SAP Ariba Spot Buy
  • Best practice workflows for a.o. shopping carts and invoices
  • Mobile shopping and approval
  • Access to the world’s largest digital business network
  • Free of charge supplier registration

We implement this innovative and user-friendly SAP Ariba SNAP! solution in 12 weeks. This will give you short time-to-value and a quick ROI. Get in touch with us if you would like to see the SAP Ariba SNAP! solution in a live demo. We gladly assist you in working out the roadmap that aligns with your procurement ambitions. Think big, start small.

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