Our organisation

Procurement with SAP made simple. Let’s simplify and innovate your procurement processes.

Our Organisation

Compera means “purchase” or “buy” in Italian.

Compera was founded in 2006. Since then we have built up a specialist reputation that we are genuinely proud of. Customers choose us because of our knowledge and pragmatic approach.

We deliver SAP consulting and implementation services specialized in optimizing your purchasing processes. We do this by offering our most valued assets: our people.

Our consultants are continuously trained and certified to assure that they are at the top of their game – because our customers expect this from us and should not settle for less. Over the years we have executed many successful Procurement project among top tier customers.

This also means that we have been fortunate to build extensive experience with SAP Procurement and SAP Ariba implementations and according best practices that we use as the basis for our recommendations.

We gladly introduce you to our team and make you feel in good hands that we can help you simplify and innovate your procurement processes and offer a user friendly solution to your end-users.

| Compera is an official SAP Service Partner |

Approach highlights

Challenge your “special processes” with proven best-practices;

Think big, start small: focus on your quick win and grow from there;

Differentiate between your must-haves and nice-to-haves;

Focus on the end-user.