QuickValue P2P

SAP Ariba Snap (P2P) live within 12 weeks

Operational purchasing is easier than ever with QuickValue P2P from Compera. QuickValue P2P is an SAP Ariba Snap P2P template for medium to large companies, which is full of the best innovations from SAP Ariba, that will make end-users happy. It is a user-friendly and complete P2P solution, that is partly filled and predefined based on templates and best practices. With the SAP Ariba Snap template approach from Compera you could go live within 12 weeks.

Operational purchasing via Guided Buying from SAP Ariba is just as easy as ordering via amazon.com. End-users are guided through the process that leads to the materials, services, forms or preferred suppliers. Because of the integration with contracts, negotiated savings also become realized savings, which benefits contract compliance.

With Compera’s QuickValue P2P, you benefit from a template solution that is partially filled and predefined based on best practices, allowing you to go live within 12 weeks.

A few features:

  • User-friendly solution that guides your employees through the ordering process;
  • SAP Ariba Guided Buying with clear categories (tiles), making it easy to find materials, services, forms and preferred suppliers;
  • Google-like search on all content (cross catalog search);
  • Easy access to catalogs;
  • Access to more than 9 million additional products via Spot Buy from Mercateo (in NL);
  • Mobile shopping and approval for a faster process;
  • Best practice workflows;
  • Integration with contracts, which increases your contract compliance;
  • Digital communication via SAP Business Network (a.k.a. Ariba Network) – the world’s largest B2B network;
  • Easy and free linking to SAP Business Network (a.k.a. Ariba Network) for suppliers for electronic POs and invoices;
  • Go-Live of the solution is possible in 12 weeks;
  • And last but not least; a reduction in your costs.

An important part of Quickvalue P2P is the convenience of digital linking and communication with suppliers (supplier enablement). Digital communication with suppliers for the exchange of documents, such as orders and invoices, results in many efficiency benefits. What if the accounts payable administration can realize the matching and processing of invoices with a factor of 3 to 5 more efficiently?

Linking a supplier for digitally sending and receiving orders and invoices is easily achieved via a smart e-mail. The only thing the supplier requires is an email address to receive the order. Via a link in the e-mail, the supplier can register once and then open the order and create, among other things, PO confirmation, advanced shipping notices and invoices – based on the agreements made between buyer and supplier. This is all free of charge for the supplier.

With our template Quickvalue P2P we realize the implementation of this user-friendly and innovative P2P solution from SAP Ariba within 12 weeks. This solution will pay for itself from day one.

Contact us if you want to see QuickValue P2P for SAP Ariba Snap in real life. We are happy to give a demo and help you determine the next steps that are in line with your purchasing ambitions. Together we can determine stable and gradual growth with you: think big, start small, and grow controlled.

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