Spend Analysis

Where are the procurement opportunities and risks?


In order to clearly define your purchasing improvement potential you need insight into your spend on all levels for all categories. Which spend category has the highest spend? How does my spend relate to peers in the similar sector? How varied are my suppliers and have I sufficiently covered the risks? Important questions that need an answer to get a good insight.

SAP Ariba Spend Visibility is powered by SAP HANA and ensures 360 degree insight into your spend, suppliers and all relevant market information in order better support your decision-making process. With the integration of Dun & Bradstreet Business Insights you have access to crucial information of 250 million + suppliers.


Recognising and realising cost savings. Think of an optimised supplier base with improved contractual agreements and lower purchasing costs because of improvements in efficiency.

Recognising and lowering supplier risks. Translating better insight into necessary measures by for example broadening the supplier base for a business critical purchasing category to reduce risks in dependency.

Improving compliancy and social responsibility. Being able to better select suppliers adds to contractual agreements that are compliant and suppliers that enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).