QuickValue Network

SAP Business Network live starting from 15 days

QuickValue Network makes it easy for buyers with an SAP ERP to digitally collaborate through the SAP Business Network (formerly known as  Ariba Network) with suppliers on transactions, strengthen their relationships, and discover new business opportunities. What if 1 FTE of your accounts payable department could process > 35.000 invoices annually?

QuickValue Network is Compera’s package to implement SAP Business Network. SAP Business Network is the supplier portal for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA customers—enabling them to seamlessly connect to the world’s largest digital business network. Once connected, customers can send purchase orders, order confirmations, shipping notices, goods receipts, invoices, payment status, and more across the digital network. 

The SAP Business Network is a global solution, supporting buyers and suppliers in 190+ countries, available in many languages and providing regulatory consistent transactions across many markets.

SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC are great digital core solutions to streamline internal processes. But if we look beyond the SAP ERP system, how do buyers interact with their suppliers? Most buyers still have a lot of paper/manual transactions with their suppliers from purchase order through invoicing. SAP Business Network provides seamless integration to extend the SAP ERP purchasing process over the cloud to the world’s largest supplier network.

Why Compera’s QuickValue Network package for SAP Business Network for Procurement?

  • Rapid Deployment:  Implementation starts at 5 weeks *) deployment lead time for sending material purchase orders from your SAP ERP via the SAP Business Network to your suppliers;
  • Low implementation investment: It starts at 15 days *) for implementation for sending material purchase orders from your SAP ERP via the SAP Business Network to your suppliers;
  • Proven experience with implementation of the Ariba Network (previous name of SAP Business Network), both with SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA;
  • Proven experience with supplier onboarding on the SAP Business Network. From portal to system integration and from standard to punchout catalogs.

*) Further deployment effort depends on which documents of below document flow picture you would like to send across the SAP Business Network.

What are the benefits and features of SAP Business Network?

  • Supply Chain Visibility:  Automation of the process — replacing paper with real-time, ongoing, two-way supplier communication — and bringing intelligent business rules to every step.
  • Payment Compliance:  Quicker invoice processing and data accuracy, minimizes wrong or duplicate payments, as well as improves accounting processes and overall financial visibility.
  • Supplier Mobility:  Suppliers have a free mobile app for all order updates with real-time notification.
  • Purchase Order to Invoice Automation:  Suppliers get full transparency of the order cycle – goods receipt status, invoice processing status and payment status.
  • Rules Based Automation: One of the unique selling points of the SAP Business Network are the 120+ smart business rules that the buyer organization can configure to ensure accurate collaboration, reduce errors, provide low cost and real-time visibility. The supplier only can send those documents across the network that comply to the buyer’s business rules.


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