SAP Ariba Value Assessment

Determine the business case for SAP Ariba

Gain insight in what SAP Ariba could bring for your organization

Are you interested in SAP Ariba but would you like to get an early picture of the business case for your organization? Then do the SAP Ariba Value Assessment with us.

During a meeting we’ll determine together with you what SAP Ariba can mean for your organization. You hereby gain insight into the savings potential for your company. We’ll use the SAP Ariba Value Assessment tool for a benchmark of your company with organizations from the same industry.

We’ll discuss your ambitions and run through a number of questions via the SAP Ariba Value Assessment tool. Based on this we’ll do a benchmark of your organization against 5000+ customers and external sources of research agencies such as Gartner, Forrester and The Hackett Group. You will receive an extensive (English) report describing where you can expect the greatest benefits and in what amount. Together with the license and implementation costs, we’ll determine the business case.

In addition to the SAP Ariba Value Assessment we can perform a more detailed Analysis Phase for you, containing:

  1. Describe and align your procurement processes in scope;
  2. Fit / gap determination of your procurement processes compared to the SAP Ariba best practice processes (Ariba Buying / Ariba Buying & Invoicing / Ariba Network);
  3. Determining the fit / gap of your IT policy & landscape versus the requirements and possibilities of SAP Ariba;
  4. The development of a business case;
  5. Indicate the benefits;
  6. The elaboration of a cost indication (licenses, implementation / project, running costs);
  7. The development of a final presentation that summarizes the previous subjects.

Contact us about the possibilities for a free SAP Ariba Value Assessment and / or possibly a further deepening through an Analysis Phase.

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