The latest SAP SRM release dates from 2009…

What can you do to improve the outdated SAP SRM user experience?

What do you remember about 2009? Almost everyone had a Nokia mobile phone or some even a Blackberry. We would now call that retro. In 2009, the first iPhone was just introduced in the Netherlands. There was no iPad in sight for more than a year. To be honest, the user experience from 2009 of mobile phones and software, such as SAP SRM 7.0, cannot be compared with the ease that we are now used to.

You will probably also find it from your private situation; most of the software from 2009 is now quite dated. This is also the case with SAP SRM 7.0. Innovations in the field of procurement processes and digitization are currently taking place at SAP in SAP Ariba and SAP S/4HANA. This does not mean that you need to replace SAP SRM immediately, but it does provide a good opportunity to assess how well SAP SRM can deliver on the current business challenges and ambitions of your organization.

Whether your future procurement strategy is going to be supported by SAP Ariba and/or SAP S/4HANA, the SAP Ariba Network has a central position in it. It is the world’s largest B2B network that enables easy digital collaboration with your suppliers. Connecting the SAP Ariba Network to your SAP ECC and/or SAP SRM can be done quickly. For SAP SRM customers, doing so delivers fast time-to-value. It is low hanging fruit and your first leap into the future of procurement. Accounts Payable will be 3-5 times more efficient by automating the PO- and invoicing processes and realizing ‘touchless invoicing’ processes. Read more about connecting SAP SRM or SAP ECC to the SAP Ariba Network here.

If your ambition is to replace SAP SRM fully by SAP Ariba and/or SAP S/4HANA, we can tell you more about the innovations that your users can take advantage of. Operational Procurement was never as easy as with SAP Ariba’s Guided Buying. Users could start without any training due to a user experience that is similar to for example.

We are specialized in optimizing procurement processes with SAP-software. We have expertise in both SAP Ariba and SAP S/4HANA as well as in SAP SRM and SAP ECC. Download our flyer here. We gladly tell you more about the future of your SAP SRM.

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