Do you recognize these exceptions upon processing invoices within SAP Invoice Management by OpenText (VIM)?

  • Goods receipts are missing for SRM related purchase orders;
  • Invoices having quantity discrepancies for SRM related purchase orders which requires confirmation in the SRM system;
  • Invoices having price discrepancies for SRM related purchase orders which requires changes in the purchase order located in the SRM system.

In many cases you require information and/or action either from the purchaser and/or the requester, which is a time consuming process.

As you might know VIM has different processing options. One of these processing options is communicating with the SAP SRM system. Automatic e-mails can be sent to the purchaser and/or requester upon processing an invoice for each exception scenario. This will reduce the communication between Accounts Payable and the requester or the purchaser.

Because the processing time of exception invoices can be reduced, the integration can lead to the following business benefits:

  • Less late payment charges, because invoices are overdue;
  • Payment terms can be met;
  • Payment discount can be deducted or collected;
  • Higher number of straight through processing of invoices, which results in better efficiency of the Accounts Payable process.

Based on the exception scenario, the SRM classic or extended classic scenario is supported. 

The goods receipt missing scenario is explained in below OpenText swimming lane:

The SRM related work item can be accessed through the VIM Document Processing dashboard, from where you can sent the e-mail to the requester as a process option. The process option within the Document Processing dashboard:

You can easily generate your own version of the e-mail. Besides the title, the body of the (HTML) e-mail can be customized based on the business object type and object key, including an attachment of the invoice image and a direct link to your SRM system.