Does your purchasing department have problems in keeping an overview of which purchaser is working on which request? Do you also have the problem that buyers are working on the same request without knowing it from each other?

Then there is good news!

To prevent this, Ariba has developed Queue Management. Queue Management allows the purchasing department to assign requests to one specific purchaser. This means that buyers can never handle the same request at the same time again. Became curious? I would like to tell you more about Queue Management in this blog.

With Queue Management, all requests are sent to one central inbox at the purchasing department. Before a buyer can process a request, it first must be assigned to the task list of a specific buyer.

The outstanding requests can be allocated to the purchaser in various ways. One or more administrators within the purchasing department can monitor the incoming requests and assign the tasks to a specific purchaser.

The monitoring of the requests by the administrators looks like this:

One of the buyers can be selected via the buttons actions and assign.

In addition, each purchaser is able to view open tasks under “unassigned queue items”. The purchaser can also retrieve new tasks from the queue via the button “collect next items” and via the button “actions” and then retrieve. By using the button “get next items” the buyer gets a predetermined number of tasks at a time. The tasks that have been in the queue the longest are picked up first. Every purchaser can retrieve a self-selected task via “get from queue”.

The assigned and retrieved tasks of the purchaser can be found via “my items” of the task list.

The overview of the administrators shows which task has been assigned to which buyer and also the number of days that the buyer has these tasks in the task list.

By using Queue Management, it is very clear to check out which tasks are still open and which tasks have been assigned to a specific purchaser.

Are you interested in the possibilities of Queue Management for your organization? Please feel free to contact Compera and we will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.