SAP Ariba buyers can now leverage from a standard interface using a data replication framework that offers flexibility in data filtering and extraction. The Master Data Native Integration (MDNI) framework is SAP Ariba’s latest Cloud Integration Gateway drug to avoid master data replication with csv files! 

One of the main differences and benefits is that MDNI now uses the SAP native search and selection options instead of code-based filtering. The dynamic selection is done per master data object. 

In addition, BAdI logic can be implemented as well for the extraction step. 

It then sends an XML file corresponding to the master data object from your ERP system to your SAP Ariba Procurement solution as it uses standard webservices. It allows to export master data from multiple SAP on-premise systems! The master data exported from each SAP system is identified by a System ID. 

This new feature is currently supported for SAP Ariba Procurement solutions only. To use MDNI, you need to have at least support pack 7 of the Cloud Integration Gateway Add-On component installed in your ERP system or S/4HANA system. 

Master Data Native Integration makes the Cloud Integration Gateway a more mature product. As you have been able to read, it offers more advantages than just replicating master data through web services instead of csv files. Do you want to know more about the possibilities of MDNI, please contact us for more information.