St. Anna Zorggroep

Since Monday, September 29 2014, St. Anna Zorggroep (hospital) has been live with the SRM User Interface Add-on which is installed on top of SAP SRM 7.03. It’s the first live deployment of the SRM UI5 Add-on in the Netherlands.

The St. Anna Hospital (Geldrop / Eindhoven), Ananz (Geldrop / Heeze) consisting of four residential care centers and medical sports health TopSupport (Eindhoven) together form the St. Anna Zorggroep.

Compera and digio

Together with TFA partner digio (SAP Technical Application Support), Compera (SAP Procurement) started last April with the upgrade of SAP SRM 5.0 to SAP SRM 7.03. Besides the usual upgrade activities of the Self Service Procurement process, the n-step approval workflow of the shopping cart was converted from the old application controlled technique to the new BRF process controlled technique.

In providing an user friendly solution for those St. Anna Zorggroep users who occasionally order something in the system, Compera customized the SRM User Interface Add-on during the upgrade project. Via this SRM UI5 Add-on both materials with material master in SAP MM and regular catalog items can easily be requested.


A particular process at St. Anna Zorggroep is requesting stocked items. All hospital-related materials (from biscuits to prostheses) are created in SAP MM. From SAP MM new and changed articles are automatically interfaced to the SRM-MDM Catalog. The SRM-MDM Catalog feeds automatically the SAP TREX index, in which articles are searched from the SRM User Interface Add-on via cross catalog search. A shopping cart will ultimately produce a reservation on stock.

In addition, users also shop from punch-out catalogs in the SRM User Interface Add-on.