Do you find it also troublesome? Getting and keeping insight in the performance of your suppliers?

You have chosen different kind of suppliers, because you want to have both the best product / service in the market and support for your organization. That means that your suppliers must deliver as promised. But honestly? Are they still meeting your requirements and are you able to monitor their performance? Not having the correct information about your suppliers and their performance can introduce several kinds of risks. Not only to your product or service, but in the end also to your organization. The Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management (SIPM) solution can help you to monitor your suppliers.

Ariba Supplier Information Management

Within the Ariba Supplier Information Management solution, the suppliers maintain their own data. Not only the generic supplier information, but also to additional profile information such as the Dun & Bradstreet number, certifications as sustainability, ISO, etc. These kinds of information and certifications can be very important for your product or service and your organization. Your suppliers can maintain this in their Company Profile settings on the Ariba Network.

8074b3e1107c4de8aa976c79806739d6Company profile on the Ariba Network from the supplier’s perspective 

By setting the Expiration date on the certification, your suppliers are notified when a certain document needs to be updated. This means you will always have access to the suppliers up-to date documents.

Another advantage is the Customer Requested tab, where you can request your suppliers to fill out specific questions only visible and accessible between you and your supplier. This buyer specific profile is referred to as the “Supplier Profile Questionnaire”.


Ariba Network – Supplier Profile Questionnaire

You can also add weights associated to the content to score participant responses of the questionnaire. In addition it is also possible that you can ask the supplier to update the questionnaire periodically.

The suppliers maintain their own data and keep their profile up-to-date on the Ariba Network, including quality assurance information with help of the flexibility to offer bespoke questionnaires per client.

Would you like to know more about how to track the quality and performance of your (strategic) suppliers and how you can re-use the supplier profile data from the Ariba Network? Please contact Ariba Partner Compera for more information.


Overview of the complete Ariba Supplier Information & Performance Management solution

In my next blog I shall eleborate on Ariba Supplier Performance Management.