Are you using SAP Invoice Management by OpenText (VIM) and are you processing invoices from suppliers that are on the Ariba Network? Than maybe you remember the integration methods that I explained in my blog from February 2016.  

The Ariba Network integration was then supported by two different methods: 

  • SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) in combination with the Ariba PI adapter; 
  • The add-on Ariba Network Integration for SAP Business Suite. 

However, SAP has stated that the Business Suite Add-On is no longer available for new installations and no further enhancements will be made as of CI-9. For more information, please read note 2400737. 

Following the introduction of the SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG), SAP Invoice Management by OpenText now makes now use of this new integration method as well. It supports both SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. 

The SAP Ariba CIG integration method supports the following scenarios: 

  • Inbound invoice. This includes standard invoice, credit memo and non-PO invoices (including the support of attachments); 
  • Outbound Invoice Status Update. 

Mapping of some fields were standard not supported by the CIG inbound logic at the time of the release of the VIM integration component. These fields however can be mapped into IDOC fields, for which you can extend the IDOC mapping.  

This SAP Ariba CIG integration for VIM and Ariba Network is not only future-proof, it also gives you new opportunities to optimize your P2P-processes!