When finalizing contracts with your supplier you will probably recognize the following problem: the final documents are not or incompletely signed by your supplier. Then, the contract needs to be returned to the supplier and the entire process must be performed again.

In addition, your supplier is in charge of printing, signing and scanning manually the contract. Then the digital contract, often in a large file format is returned. A process that is unnecessary long and very error prone.

By integrating Ariba with Adobe Document Cloud eSign Services or docusign this process will be a lot more efficient. In this blog I will show you the convenience of Ariba Adobe Document Cloud eSign Services.

From now on a supplier is able to sign the received documents digitally and immediately send them back. In this way, the whole process of signing contracts will be a lot easier and much more efficient.

Picture 1

After the process of creating phases, tasks, team members and documents, the documents can be published. This is necessary before the electronic signature process can actually be started.

First of all you need to select a signature provider, after the choice for Adobe Document Cloud eSign services, you can indicate by whom the contract needs to be signed. An additional description can also been given and on top of that, it is possible to protect the document with a password. Then the document is ready to send to the supplier.

Picture 2

After opening the email, the supplier will be redirected to the Adobe environment to check the documents. If the supplier agrees to the conditions and requirements, the document can be signed. It is possible to sign the document by mouse or mousepad. After that, the signed document is sent back.

Picture 3

Without this signing it is not possible to return the document to you by your supplier.

Under the tab “tasks” is shown the task “signature for pricing”. From now on the status of this task is “signed”.

Picture 4

You can access the signed document through the relevant contract in Ariba. In addition, in your individual Adobe Document Cloud there are various possibilities in relation to managing your documents.

In addition to the previous, there are many other options within the integration of Adobe Document Cloud eSign Services. Are you curious if your contract signing process can also be streamlined using this integration? Please feel free to contact Compera for more information.