Imagine, you are a catalog manager and you have a range of products that are frequently searched for and bought. Or you have received a request from a buyer to promote some items because a great deal has been made, but only if you buy a specific amount….

As of the latest release of Ariba PtP, Ariba PtO and Ariba APC, it is now possible to promote specific items of your catalogs. This way the items can be found easily by the end users and promoted items get a prominent spot on the home screen.

As catalog manager, you can simply add a rank to any article of any catalog you load into the Ariba solutions.

Rank 1 items will be shown first, then rank 2, etc… Multiple items can have the same rank and highest ranked items will of course been shown first.

For the end user, the promoted items will be shown in a separate view on the home screen.


Promoted items in Ariba Procurement Content catalog home page

In order to use promoted items, the promotion rank field needs to be filled in your catalog. Existing catalogs can easily be updated, either by manually adding a rank or by including the rank in the new version of a catalog and importing it.


Giving catalog items a promotion ranking

So, you have seen it is now possible to promote the items you want, helping your procurement department reaching their goals and helping your end users finding what they need.

If you want to know more about other features in Ariba products, simply contact Ariba partner Compera for more information.