As of now this new Ariba Feature is available! Ariba Contracts can be sent to SAP ECC using a PI-layer between Ariba and ECC.

Standard Ariba Contracts does not support Integration with SAP ECC. Due to this deficit customers are recreating the contracts in ECC which can be very inefficient. Some of the benefits of the Ariba Contracts Integration are:

  • Reducing duplicate data entry
  • Faster cycle time and operational cost savings
  • Avoidance of manual errors by retyping the contract in SAP ERP

This new feature is available to all Ariba Contract Management Pro customers. System and software pre-requisites are:

  • Upgrade PI Adapter to CI7
  • Install CI7 Release SAP Transport of Ariba Procurement Adapter for SAP
  • SAP ERP 6.0 EhP4 or Higher

Integration overview

Image Integration Overview NL_EN

Functional overview

When creating a new Contract Workspace in Ariba users can select the External System to which the contract has to be sent. Central contracts with multiple backends are also supported with this integration.

Image Functional Overview NL_EN_1

After publishing the CLID (Contract Line Item Document) the contract can be published and the contract can be sent to the External System.

In ECC this will result in an Outline Agreement.

Image Functional Overview NL_EN_2

In the ECC Outline Agreement the Ariba Contract ID is available in the field ‘Your Reference’ and in Ariba the Outline Agreement number is available in the field ‘Related ID’.

During the data transfer the status will be checked and sent back to Ariba where contract administrators can monitor the Contract transfer.

For information on adding the CLID (Contract Line Item Document) and integrating Material Master data into Ariba please read the blog of my colleague Niels McNeill.[:]