Since March 2015 Compera Consulting has been an official Ariba Partner. Sinds that time Compera has also been SAP Extended Business Member of Quinso.
sap_ebm.aaa281fe26e9e063f789ed8e6333ca28Through the Ariba / SAP EBM partnership Compera can fully support customers with the implementation of the Ariba cloud solutions. Next to that Compera can offer SAP / Ariba software licenses. Both Quinso and Compera acknowledge the synergy from this co-operation. Both consultancy firms know each other for years and will strengthen their positions by offering a broader product portfolio through which they can offer their customers a better service.

Stan Coppus, Managing Partner at Compera: “We are proud that we are Ariba Partner and SAP Extended
ARIBA_An_SAP_Company_R_stac2_2.35ae5b90b430cab8b51514766df0696bBusiness Member of Quinso. For Compera this is a strategical step which makes it possible for us to offer together with Quinso the complete Procurement portfolio of SAP and Ariba to our customers and prospects. I am confident that it will give us a better position in the market.”

Martijn Kruisinga, Managing Partner at Compera: “We have been working as SAP Procurement consultants with Ariba at our customers. Through the Ariba Partnership of Compera we are able to support customers fully with Ariba implementations. This completes our SAP Procurement services. From cloud to on-premise to mobile.”

Marc Bruurmijn, Partner Manager at SAP Netherlands: “Compera Consulting fits very well to the market exposure of SAP and Quinso. The added value that both Quinso and Compera offer at SAP implementations is valued highly by their customers. Customers make as optimal and efficiently possible use of the SAP software and that is exactly what we expect of our partners.”

Hubert Wezenberg, Managing Partner at Quinso: “The expertise of the very experienced and skilled consultants of Compera are a valuable addition to Quinso. Next to that, the specialist knowledge of Compera in the area of SAP Procurement is an addition to the product portfolio that we can offer to our customers. Through this partnership we together deepen and broaden the work area and are able to offer specialist solutions for the producing industry”.


About Quinso Quinso

Quinso is a SAP consultancy specialist with very experienced (business) consultants who value quality and personal commitment highly. All our consultants have on average more than 15 years experience in implementing SAP projects in a.o. the production and wholesale industry. Next to the SAP ERP implementations, Quinso has a focus on Supply Chain Management, Proces Integration and Shop Floor Integration for mentioned industries. Quinso is a pragmatic SAP service provider with very enthousiast, experienced consultants of whom you can expect much as a customer.

About Compera Compera_Company_Logo

Compera helps customers optimizing their Source to Pay procurement processes by implementing SAP Procurement software. Achieving and keeping satisfied customers by delivering high quality services is key at Compera. With only experienced consultants who think and work in process improvements, Compera delivers services in the areas of Ariba, SAP SRM, SAP Fiori, SAP MM and SAP Invoice Management.

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